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27 Feb 2014 A Little-Known Exception to the 4th Amendment: Is Your Company’s Confidential, Proprietary Data Safe from Government Inspection When Entering the U.S.?

By Brian Weir-Harden* |    You arrive home to the United States from an international business trip. Customs directs you to open your bags for an inspection. Unconcerned, you acquiesce. The Customs Agent goes through your bags and finds nothing of interest, except your work laptop. To your surprise, the Customs Agent asks you to turn it on. He randomly opens files and reviews their contents. To your further surprise, the Customs Agent informs you that he will need to temporarily confiscate your work laptop in order to conduct a forensic examination. He takes your computer and makes an image of all its contents. You think to yourself, “This must be a violation of my Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizure, right?”   The answer:…

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27 Jan 2014 Warrant Required to Search Cell Phone?

By Mark Stuaan |   In mid-January the Supreme Court granted certiorari in two cases which reached different answers to the question of whether the police must obtain a warrant before searching a person’s cell phone incident to that person’s arrest. The cases are likely to be argued in April. With 90 percent or more of adult Americans owning cell phones, and today’s cell phones being far more than just mobile phones, the Court’s decision could have significant impact on police activity concerning the vast majority of adults in this country.   In Riley v. California (Supreme Court No. 13-132), after police stopped Riley for expired tags on his license they found firearms under the hood of the car during an impound search of the…