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02 Jan 2014 SEC Highlights 2013 Accomplishments and Outlines 2014 Enforcement Priorities

By Brian E. Casey |   The SEC recently published its annual agency financial report which, among other things, provides a peek into the Commission’s priorities for the coming year and outlines its enforcement accomplishments in 2013.   According to the SEC, in the past year, it took steps to “further enhance” its already “robust” enforcement program with the goal of “ensur[ing] that its enforcement and examinations programs continue to be as vigorous and aggressive as possible.” Among its actions, the agency: (1) “began to demand admissions of wrongdoing in certain cases where an added measure of accountability was considered necessary”; (2) it “broadened [its] coverage of market participants, pursuing actions against a range of individuals and entities, including gatekeepers, like accountants and fund directors;…