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12 May 2016 Internet Infamy: Criminal Registries and White Collar Crime

Implementing what the New York Times has dubbed “a scarlet letter of sorts on the state’s financial felons,” Utah has now finalized and published its online White Collar Crime Offender Registry.   Authorized by HB 378 of the Utah Legislature’s 2015 General Session, the Registry is publicly available online and includes offender photographs, physical descriptions and any known aliases.  The Registry encompasses all persons convicted of a second-degree felony since Dec. 31, 2005, for the following offenses: securities fraud, theft by deception, unlawful dealing of property by fiduciary, fraudulent insurance, mortgage fraud, communications fraud and money laundering.  A first-time offense secures an offender a place on the Registry for 10 years. A second offense earns another 10 years and a third offense places an offender…